Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zoo and silly faces

On Tuesday of this week, the girls and I practiced our silly faces:

And on Maddie's (ACTUAL) birthday, we took the girls to the zoo after we hit up Dr. Stacey's office.
BTW:  Mad's in the 98% for height (yikes!), Quinners is in the 78% for height and 50% for weight.

Here is silly Ella, wearing the balloons around her neck!
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, we love you!
And, the BEST and funniest part of the day happened before we even had a chance to see most of the animals.  At lunch, Justin was holding Quinn on his lap when all of a sudden, we heard the most dreaded sound - THE POOP!!!!  I look over and tell Justin that he needs to pick Quinn up.  Once I do this, I immediately start laughing so hard that I am crying...serious crying...Quinn's diaper had exploded, seriously exploded all over Justin's shirt and pants (right on his crotch - sorry I hate that word, but that's where it happened!)...I attempted to take a picture of the damage later on in the day, but this is nothing compared to when it happened!

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trish said...

I love this how cute. Your little girls are so awesome!! love the pics and the music very talented you are good job!!